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Do you need any help with any aspect of your life?

  • Health
  • Relationship
  • Finance
  • Children

Are you feeling lost, stuck, or confused about your next steps in life?

Maybe you’ve been dealing with a problem (in your health, relationships, finances, or more) that you haven’t been able to solve?

Sometimes, all you need is that moment with someone who can tune-in to what is really going on. Someone who can see you, meet you where you’re at, and shed light on the question or challenge you’ve been living with.

If that resonates with you, then you could benefit from our personal consultations.

What is a Personal Consultation?

A personal consultation is a private phone session between you and a Tao Academy Certified Master Teacher Healer Practitioner.

During your time together, you’ll receive transformative guidance and deep support around the question or life challenge of your choosing.

  • Find purpose and direction in your life
  • Feel more connected to your heart and soul and your self-healing abilities
  • Overcome blockages in health, relationships, and finances
  • Become more confident and clear about your decisions
  • Develop positive mindsets and remove negative thinking
  • Create a flow of abundance in your life
  • Experience more joy every day
30 & 60 Minutes Consultation
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Personal consultations FAQs

To prepare, choose a question or life challenge that you want to find guidance to resolve.

There is free cancellation 72 hours before consultation, a 50% cancellation charge for 72-24 hours before cancellation, and no cancellation within 24 hours.

You may receive a call from the center to confirm the appointment. The teacher will call the client the day of the appointment.

Appointments are not recorded.

Yes. There will be additional fees for blessings and services you choose to receive on the recommendation of the Tao Calligraphy Teacher and Healer.

At the time of your consultation, the Master Teacher will call you on your phone number or Skype account, that you specified during registration.