Jac jac morning of day 10 update: Well, he is out being a cat on the farm this morning. He spent most of yesterday out and came home for night time cuddles like normal. It looks like he…

C.P. September 2021
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A powerful blessing was received for an intense skin inflammation, the skin was itchy and burning. after receiving the blessing, i was able to sleep that evening and by morning it was all better.

A.N. September 2021

I am so, so grateful for your fast response and assistance yesterday. A few days ago I developed Shingles and had to take strong medication. Yesterday I was the whole day suddenly unable to walk. Doctors said it’s…

N.K. September 2021
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I registered blessings for the baby before birthing: happy, heathy, beautiful Baby. It looks like the blessing was very big. He is radiating, nearly 4 month now, radiating love. So grateful, Greetings and love to you.

I.T. May 2021

The financial blessing became very concrete this week. I received the balance of my inheritance from my mother’s death, 10 years ago. I received a Tao calligraphy tracing blessing from the White Book. About a month later, I…

A.M. May 2021
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I have had unpleasant experiences with potted plants that I had purchased from Trader Joe’s. Only one survived and is now healthy, thriving, blooming and growing like crazy.  The plant had been doing poorly in another part of my…

A.G. March 2021
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I have been practicing with Guang Liang Hao Mei Tao Calligraphy. Today while Dan tracing, I saw temples and holy beings. Wow! I am so blessed and grateful.

J.S. November 2020

As you know one of the side effects of my chemotherapy is increased blood pressure. Through many blessings and consistent practice and your loving support I have been able to keep it from going too high. But it…

E.C. October 2020
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